Customer Applications

CBS Sports Camera ID System

By Arnold Mintz (National Mobile TV)
National Mobile TV, contractor for CBS Sports, uses the OSD-KB on-screen display board to annotate camera information during professional golf events so the director and producer can easily determine camera location and what they are looking at in real-time.



GliderCam Overlay

By John Wiseman
John Wiseman (KE3QC) uses an OSD-IDPC on-screen display board to identify his amateur television transmission from his glider.



Racecar Camera System with Realtime Telemetry

By VR World
VR World produces a racecar telemetry system including the OSD-232 on-screen display board. Pit crews receive G's, HP, RPM, and torque graphs in real-time.

• Acceleration times to 1/100 second
• G's, HP, and torque graphs
• RPM sensing