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OSD-KB is a standalone on-screen display board that overlays user defined text, entered through a standard PS/2 keyboard, onto an incoming NTSC or optional PAL video source.  Every position on the 28 column by 11 row screen (308 characters total) can contain a user typed character.  All information is stored in non-volatile eeprom memory so even with loss of power OSD-KB retains all screen information. NTSC and PAL versions available.

 Special keyboard functions include an overlay or self generated screen mode selection, character blink toggle, character background frame toggle, character color selection (self-gen mode only),  background screen color selection (self-gen mode only), full screen clearing, and a translucent mode toggle.  Translucent mode is a unique feature that allows live video to pass through the text like the major networks do with their logos.

 The on-board jumpers select the text triggering method.  The text triggering method defines when the text screen is displayed.  The text triggering methods include an always on, only display when jumper pulled to ground, and display based on a timer (every 10 minutes on for 15 seconds.)



  • Dimensions: 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 3/4"
  • Weight: 1.2 oz.
  • Input voltage: 8.0 to 14.0 volts DC (60 ma max. without keyboard attached)
  • Operating temperature: -10 C to +70 C
  • Keyboard input: PS/2 keyboard (6-pin mini din connector)
  • Text area: 28 columns by 11 rows (308 characters)
  • Text trigger methods: 3
  • Video levels: 1 volt peak to peak
  • Video impedance: Input 75 ohm, output 75 ohm resistively terminated


Editor Mode:

All text that appears on-screen is entered via a PS/2 keyboard (not supplied.)  To enter the editor mode press the EDIT button or pull the EDIT jumper to ground.  The cursor will appear.

Keyboard Commands:

Keypress Action
0-9, a-z, A-Z, - : . / ‘ + * ? = space Insert character at cursor position
ESC Exit editor mode
F1 Character blink toggle
F2 Character black background frame toggle
F3 Character color cycle (blue > green > cyan > red > magenta > yellow > white)Self-generated screen mode only
F9 Screen mode toggle (overlay > self-generated)Overlay mode requires valid input video source
F10 Screen background color cycle (black > blue > green > cyan > red > magenta)Self-generated screen mode only
F11 Screen translucent characters toggleOverlay screen mode only
[CTRL] [SHIFT] F12 Clear screen
Up arrow Move cursor up one row
Down arrow Move cursor down one row
Left arrow Move cursor left one column
Right arrow Move cursor right one column
[CTRL] Up arrow Shift screen characters up one pixel
[CTRL] Down arrow Shift screen characters down one pixel
[CTRL] Left arrow Shift screen characters left one pixel
[CTRL] Right arrow Shift screen characters right one pixel
Home Moves cursor to the top left corner of the screen
End Moves cursor to last typed character on the current row
Insert Insert a space at the cursor and shift the text to the right
Delete Delete the current character by shifting the text to the right of the cursor left
Enter Move cursor to first column on the next row
[ALT] xxx Insert a special character (see note 1)
NOTE 1:  To insert a special character hold down the Alt key, type a special character decimal value, and release the Alt key.  (Click here to view the character set).



OSD-KB's operation depends on what is jumpered on the board.

Jumper Action
DISP Always display text (or use in external pull to ground circuit to show / hide text) 
EDIT Enter editor mode
TIMER Display text every 10 minutes on for 15 seconds
Note 2: Use momentary normally open buttons attached to jumpers for external use.


Warranty & Service:

If the product fails to perform as described in our product description or specification, within 90 days from the date of shipment to the buyer, we will repair or replace the product and/or accessories originally supplied. Failure due to improper installation, misuse, abuse or accident is not covered by this warranty. Incidental and consequential damages are not covered by this warranty.The buyer must obtain a Return Material Authorization by calling (248) 588-4400, and shipping the defective product to Intuitive Circuits, 3928 Wardlow Ct., Troy, MI 48083, freight prepaid. After the warranty expires, we will promptly supply an estimate for the repair cost.