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Circuit Board
GeoStamp® Audio GeoStamp® Audio converts GPS receiver latitude, longitude, heading, speed, altitude, date, and time into a continuous audio stream that can be recorded by devices such as video camcorders.  The audio output track, matched with the video recording, translates into an exact, permanent record of where and when events occur.  The GeoStamp® Audio RS-232 serial output is a reconstruction of the original NMEA 0183 GPRMC and GPGGA sentences from the GPS receiver.  This serial output can be used by computer based GPS mapping software.  GeoStamp® Audio supports all NMEA 0183 compatible GPS receivers such as the Garmin GPS35-PC.GeoStamp® Audio includes a cigarette lighter plug, wall transformer, and null-modem serial cable.
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GeoStamp Audio - GPS to Audio Encoder
Price: $279.00 View more information about this product

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